All about the sky #Positivity

Positivity brings in a lot of energy. But, attaining positivity in a busy life becomes difficult! Each day, each being or thing we come across have some message for us but, how many of us really think about it! Here’s a short poem on how the sky and its beings bring about some positive vibes in my life. Hoping that it would add some positivity in your lives as well!

All about the sky! I wonder why!

All blue and white when I rise,

Astonishing the sight, with its beauty around.

The beautiful clouds, the shining sun

All so serene, brightening up each day’s wound.

The varied shape of the cloud, the thin lining, the imaginary depiction, still takes me aback as I wonder,

“How does it show up something new each day?”

Aspires me to search for brightness amid the chapters of darkness.

At the noon, the burning sun, several times bigger than the moon,

Never fails to shower the brightest rays.

Leaving me with a desire to shine bright, no matter, how hard is the way.

As the noon passes, the sun’s down,

Leaving the sky with a alluring tint of orange which hints,

To leave something worthy behind as I leap forward.


Never give up!

Life’s not always in your favour. There are good as well as bad times. No matter how hard the path is, I believe one should light up the hope within you, as it is said that there is always a better tomorrow. Further, build your focus and perseverance with a view to achieve your goal, no matter what!

Life is full of ups and downs,

No matter what, you should never mourn.

Life’s not always easy,

And, we have to find ways to be busy.

Everyday is a new challenge,

It’s up to us to manage,

And, we can’t give up.

It might take months and days,

Just to mend our ways

But, we can’t give up!

Yes, its frustrating when life is not in our favour

But giving up is not the saver.

Sometimes, we need to wait,

Till we receive the right date

But then we can’t give up!

Anxiety builds up, situations turn hard

And building positivity is out of the ward

But still we cannot give up!

You and I have a dream

A dream to achieve,

A dream to live,

No matter how hard the journey is, but, we can’t give up!

My journey with my Father!

My Father,

The first man so close to my heart

With the purest soul and deepest thoughts.

Our journey till today is all summed up,

Hope it lightens your day up.

When I was a baby, you held me close

And walked around every night just to see me doze.

Those days when my sister was born and mom was away,

I remember, sleeping on your lap all the way.

Those trips on weekends by train,

Passed by counting the tunnels and lanes.

The joy of seeing you home after school,

And talking to you about my day was so cool.

Then, Igrew up as a teenager,

And the bond we share became major!

I am growing up in my twenties now

Following your teaching at every step has made me what I am now.

I realize, you’ve been through my thick and thin,

Just to assure that I win.

A person who taught me to stand strong and bold,

But, when I failed, gave his hand to hold.

I still have a lot to learn from you,

To understand the world as you view.

For me, all the efforts and sacrifices that you made,

All of which will be paid,

Through my hard-work and determination,

To make you the proudest Dad of the nation.

Your love for us cannot me measured

But the memories with you are always treasured.