There’s always a reason!

Every lesson of life has its own teaching but you don’t understand it unless you go through it. When life is showing a rough path, don’t be disheartened. Don’t let what is happening around you break you down. Give yourself sometime and everything will be in place. Someday everything will make a perfect sense. But, remember to practice what you have learned in that moment of hardship and frustration.  Believe that everything happens for a reason to nourish you, to transform you for better things to come your way. Here’s my thought on life, hope it helps you to grow in times of need.

A day out on a stroll
After a series of awful days,
I try finding myself when I am lost.
I feel the rush of negative emotions and,
I ask myself, “When am I going to be fine?”
The feelings of anguish and the loss of equanimity
All of which, pricks me within
As it would take me awhile to retrieve.

As I walk deep among the woods,
I see the glimpse of moonlight under the canopy
Making me realise that stars can’t shine without the darkness.
As I am on the verge of feeling good,
My mind reiterates the thought which I wish to evade.
I blame, I cry, I laugh
Soaring the bruises and letting myself break down
But, I cite that running away will make it hard to rise up.

As months and days pass by,
I walk through the same woods.
I sit. I recall and question myself,
“Why did it all happen?”
Now, when I look back
I appraise every little thing that happened.
The times when I was blown to bits
And, the times of my own accord.
I have no regrets and no complains
For I believe, everything happens for a reason
To add lessons to my life and evolve my soul
As each insight molds me into a better person for a better tomorrow.


The Unnecessary Battle!

As humans, we wish and desire for various things. No doubt, we fulfill those desires but we are never satisfied. We all are so busy with our lives that we fail to look at things which mean a lot to us. I believe it is necessary to realise and pursue your goal because that’s going to make you the happiest whereas the crave for wealth and luxury is often ephemeral.

You and I are blessed with everything in abundance.

But are we really grateful?

We look around, sneak into others life

And mull over what we lack

But we fail to live with what we already have.

Months and years pass by,

But our wants and wishes see no end

And, the quest for satisfaction remains an eternal journey!

We are engaged in making our lives better

Without having a hint about what we actually intend.

We dive deep along the path and then realise “Oh! I wish I was doing something better”

As days pass by, no wonder we are loaded with affluence

But are we still happy?

Stop for a while and ask yourself

“Is it all worth it?”

And the conflict within continues

Yet, it remains unresolved!

It’s not always about opulence and status

It’s about you,your contentment and longings

Which is going to help you lead a happy life.


Our life is filled with emotions. Sometimes, we have a rush of emotions, positive or negative, based on the situations we face on a day to day basis. These emotions may make you feel delighted or disheartened. But then, we all struggle to know what to hold and what to let go. I have noted a few emotions in this poem. I hope you can relate this poem with your lives as well!

Somewhere between the day and night,

There’s a thought that arises, there are questions that constantly bother me,

“How do I express myself when I am under the shade of variety of emotions?”

“How do I let my emotions flow without altering the present state of mind?”

“How do I make my life a better place?”

I wish I knew the answers,

I wish I knew the path to follow to serve the purpose of life!

Somewhere between pique and peace,

I wish I knew how to overpower positivity over negativity,

I wish I knew how to pacify myself and get going.

I wish I knew this before, much before all the times when I was nettled!

Somewhere between glee and grief,

I wish I knew what to hold and what to let go,

I wish I knew how to hold my feelings before they fall out of place.

I wish I knew this before, much before the times when I was grieving!

Somewhere between trust and treachery,

I wish I knew how to distinguish the two,

I wish I knew how to sense those dubious thoughts,

I wish I knew this before, much before the times when I was ignorant of treachery!

Somewhere between desire and despair,

I wish I knew that desire can lead a way to my thoughts.

I wish I knew how to light up my way with hope,

I wish I knew this before, much before when I thought that there is nothing to desire when in despair!

Somewhere between triumph and trounce,

I wish I knew where I stand.

I wish I knew how to carve my way to reach the zenith among all the obstacles,

I wish I knew this before, much before, the times I let failure touch my heart!

And, somewhere between love and loathe,

I wish I knew the value of love and to be loved.

I wish I knew that loathing would seize the journey of a jovial life,

I wish I knew this before, much before as I would spread love over million lives.

All about the sky #Positivity

Positivity brings in a lot of energy. But, attaining positivity in a busy life becomes difficult! Each day, each being or thing we come across have some message for us but, how many of us really think about it! Here’s a short poem on how the sky and its beings bring about some positive vibes in my life. Hoping that it would add some positivity in your lives as well!

All about the sky! I wonder why!

All blue and white when I rise,

Astonishing the sight, with its beauty around.

The beautiful clouds, the shining sun

All so serene, brightening up each day’s wound.

The varied shape of the cloud, the thin lining, the imaginary depiction, still takes me aback as I wonder,

“How does it show up something new each day?”

Aspires me to search for brightness amid the chapters of darkness.

At the noon, the burning sun, several times bigger than the moon,

Never fails to shower the brightest rays.

Leaving me with a desire to shine bright, no matter, how hard is the way.

As the noon passes, the sun’s down,

Leaving the sky with a alluring tint of orange which hints,

To leave something worthy behind as I leap forward.

Live, learn and keep going…

“You are only confined by the walls you build yourself”, taken from

Why believing in yourself is so important? No matter who you are and who you would be, believing in yourself can make headway against all odds. Remember, success cannot be fetched over a fortnight. Don’t despair and let go your dream. Never regret. You are never stuck. You can rise from anything. Don’t be afraid to face the consequences as you can always learn something new. All you have to do is, make up your mind for what you aspire and never look back. Every good and bad things that happen will eventually groom you and help you reach where you have to be in life!

Believe that you are here for a reason

Believe that you are here to achieve

Stop dwelling in your past and let go what it was.

Rise up, light up and have faith in yourself!

Be ready to fall, be ready to be lost,

But don’t ever fail to search for yourself time and again!

There might be a perfect plan,

And yet it doesn’t evolve the way you yearn

Then, comes the real test

Where, patience and perseverance is crucial,

As life is teaching us the philosophy of pragmatism.

You can’t lay down and you can’t stop trying,

Though it may all be in vain.

You might have to walk a long path,

To cope with the peaks and troughs.

Don’t be dejected but hold yourself

Believe that you are here for a reason

Believe that you are here to achieve

And there’ll be a day where you will prevail.

Never give up!

Life’s not always in your favour. There are good as well as bad times. No matter how hard the path is, I believe one should light up the hope within you, as it is said that there is always a better tomorrow. Further, build your focus and perseverance with a view to achieve your goal, no matter what!

Life is full of ups and downs,

No matter what, you should never mourn.

Life’s not always easy,

And, we have to find ways to be busy.

Everyday is a new challenge,

It’s up to us to manage,

And, we can’t give up.

It might take months and days,

Just to mend our ways

But, we can’t give up!

Yes, its frustrating when life is not in our favour

But giving up is not the saver.

Sometimes, we need to wait,

Till we receive the right date

But then we can’t give up!

Anxiety builds up, situations turn hard

And building positivity is out of the ward

But still we cannot give up!

You and I have a dream

A dream to achieve,

A dream to live,

No matter how hard the journey is, but, we can’t give up!

My journey with my Father!

My Father,

The first man so close to my heart

With the purest soul and deepest thoughts.

Our journey till today is all summed up,

Hope it lightens your day up.

When I was a baby, you held me close

And walked around every night just to see me doze.

Those days when my sister was born and mom was away,

I remember, sleeping on your lap all the way.

Those trips on weekends by train,

Passed by counting the tunnels and lanes.

The joy of seeing you home after school,

And talking to you about my day was so cool.

Then, Igrew up as a teenager,

And the bond we share became major!

I am growing up in my twenties now

Following your teaching at every step has made me what I am now.

I realize, you’ve been through my thick and thin,

Just to assure that I win.

A person who taught me to stand strong and bold,

But, when I failed, gave his hand to hold.

I still have a lot to learn from you,

To understand the world as you view.

For me, all the efforts and sacrifices that you made,

All of which will be paid,

Through my hard-work and determination,

To make you the proudest Dad of the nation.

Your love for us cannot me measured

But the memories with you are always treasured.