There’s always a reason!

Every lesson of life has its own teaching but you don’t understand it unless you go through it. When life is showing a rough path, don’t be disheartened. Don’t let what is happening around you break you down. Give yourself sometime and everything will be in place. Someday everything will make a perfect sense. But, remember to practice what you have learned in that moment of hardship and frustration.  Believe that everything happens for a reason to nourish you, to transform you for better things to come your way. Here’s my thought on life, hope it helps you to grow in times of need.

A day out on a stroll
After a series of awful days,
I try finding myself when I am lost.
I feel the rush of negative emotions and,
I ask myself, "When am I going to be fine?"
The feelings of anguish and the loss of equanimity
All of which, pricks me within
As it would take me awhile to retrieve.

As I walk deep among the woods,
I see the glimpse of moonlight under the canopy
Making me realise that stars can't shine without the darkness.
As I am on the verge of feeling good,
My mind reiterates the thought which I wish to evade.
I blame, I cry, I laugh
Soaring the bruises and letting myself break down
But, I cite that running away will make it hard to rise up.

As months and days pass by,
I walk through the same woods.
I sit. I recall and question myself,
"Why did it all happen?"
Now, when I look back
I appraise every little thing that happened.
The times when I was blown to bits
And, the times of my own accord.
I have no regrets and no complains
For I believe, everything happens for a reason
To add lessons to my life and evolve my soul
As each insight molds me into a better person for a better tomorrow.

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